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What do you need from your favorite place?

Let’s discuss. 

Yesterday, I was chatting at the bar with a woman while she waited for her friend. We struck up an easy conversation as I was not-so-inconspicuously taking a photo of the Murphy’s Irish Pub Shrimp Killarney. It happens every time. And the conversation went like this: 

“What is THAT?!” 

“It looks amazing!” 

And then she added (as if on cue) “but I am here for my Fish and Chips!”

Her Fish and Chips.

Now, I get it. We all have our favorite place. Our favorite dish at our favorite place. And when you’re the one who gets to pick the spot and is in control —your vision is laser-focused. In this case, my new friend even arrived 20 minutes early to grab her table near the bar.

And we love Fish and Chips lady for this very reason. We put a LOT of love and care into our Fish and Chips, from the batter, the fresh-made slaw, the house recipe tartar sauce as well as our sustainably caught cod, delivered straight from the North Atlantic. Don’t even get me started on this. We dig into every inch of every detail. So, frankly, we’d be crushed if you didn’t love our Fish and Chips!

But, truth be told, we are really excited about what we are seeing in Ireland right now. Because, for the past few years, tastes and menus have changed a LOT and we very much want to share this with you. Would you have ever thought 10 years ago that you could find Irish pubs and restaurants with a Michelin star? Yet in 2018, 18 were named.  This is telling. 

We are an Irish pub AND we know how to deliver fresh, uncomplicated, seasonal food.  No longer are these things mutually exclusive. And, this June, we sat around the table and threw out what we are excited about stateside this summer.  We discussed all the things on a menu that WE would want to eat at our favorite place. 

We are super excited about the outcome.