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First of all we might have a different idea of what good eats is in Alexandria, Virginia? In my quest for good eats in Alexandra I tried to find some definition or standard that I could use to show how much Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub In Alexandria offers good eats to all who enter it’s doors.

Good Eats Alexandria And Alton Brownold town alexandria va good eats

I searched for things associated with Good Eats. The first obvious search I came across was the Alton Brown show. Definitely some delicious stuff on that show, but I need something more specific to Alexandria for my definition. Also the show features a lot of recipes. That is great but when I want good eats, I want cooked ready to eat good eats (great English I know) now. Good eats is more of a category of something I want when I eat in Old Town Alexandria, Virignia.

Urban Dictionary And Good Eats Old Town Alexandria

I came across the definition of good eats on the at times scary urban dictionary. It gave 2 definitions. One was the Alton Brown Show. The other was:

“Food that Tastes Good”

Ok I can work with this. We are adding taste to our good eats Alexandria standard. Good food is obviously a big part of that. Of course, what is good food and how does it translate to good eats? Well that question required me to go over to Trip Advisor and Yelp.

Good Eats And Murphys On Trip Advisor And Yelp

Here is where I begin to get the fuel to create a formula which helped me define Good Eats For Alexandria in a way only Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub could do. One review from Michigan gave me a critical inclusion into what makes good food with a five star review touting Murphy’s Good Food And Big Portions.

Another review gave Murphy’s in Alexandria 5 stars and highly recommended it. This also is a key factor of being able to provide good eats.

And of course a Yelp review helped flush out some other key factors that equal great eats as it touted our fish n chips, Irish meat and potato pie, our French Dip, and Of course our Apple Crisp. I will call these delicious stick to the ribs dishes

And of Course Fresh Food Is A Component Of Great Eatsgood eats in alexandria virginia

Everything has to be farm to table fresh. At Murphy’s In Alexandria, this is second nature. And it means we are consistent in serving Good Eats, every time you come visit us in Old Town.

The Good Eats Standard At Murphys

I think I have enough to begin creating an ongoing standard. There are too many intangibles that define what good eats are and how you can always have them at Murphys. But here are few we can work with:

Good Eats=

  • Good Food
  • Big Portions
  • Stick To Your Ribs Delicious Dishes Like Fish And Chips And Apple Crisp
  • Fresh Food

Now that is Good Eats in Alexandria(or at least the start). Come check out our great eats at Murphy’s in Old Town Alexandria

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